Library Policies

  1. Use of the library is free to all residents of Montville*, CT and to Connecticut residents holding an up-to-date borrowIT card (i.e., a valid public library card).
  2. Any resident of Montville, 5 years or older, who can provide proof of residency, may obtain a library card.
  3. Non-residents may borrow materials from Raymond Library according to the rules of the statewide borrowIT program.
  4. Application and renewal of library cards must be made in person.
  5. Library cards will not be renewed to patrons with outstanding charges.
  6. If privileges are abused, Raymond Library has the right to suspend a patron’s library privileges. The following infractions (policy #s 7-10) can result in suspension of privileges:
  7. A book damaged beyond possibility of repair is treated as a “lost” book and must be paid in full. If only the exterior is damaged and the book(s) can be rebound, the cost of the binding is assessed.
  8. Lost or completely damaged books are to be paid, in cash, at the list price for purchase of a new copy; regardless of what the original copy cost.
  9. If a book is out of print, or otherwise unavailable, the charge must be sufficient to purchase a comparable replacement.
  10. Magazines that must be replaced are subject to a flat charge based on the replacement cost. This charge is set by the library and is in no way limited to the price shown on the cover of that issue.

*Montville, CT includes the following villages: Montville, Oakdale, Uncasville, & Chesterfield. 

Library Loan Period:

2 Weeks:
Five (5) Adult books per card
Ten (10) Children’s books per card
Five (5) Audio books per card
Five (5) Music CDs per card
7 days:
Three (3) magazines per card
Five (5) DVDs per card


$0.10 per item, per day for all books and magazines
Maximum $3.00 per item or $12.00 per group of items
$1.00 per DVD, video, CD, or audiobook
Damaged or lost books must be paid for or replaced as stated above in policy #8.

Web Site Policy:

Website Scope:

The website is intended to provide a variety of informational resources in electronic format.  The website will provide a dynamic collection of links and content.

Website Content and Access: 

The webmaster will develop website to accommodate a broad range of computer abilities of the patron served.  The webmaster will evaluate all website for appropriateness and follow the library mission and web site scope.  Access to some library web resources is restricted to Town of Monville registered residents.

Website Links:

The Raymond Library will provide links to other web sites to support the library’s goals, and informational and/or educational values.  To be selected, websites must meet the following:

  • The Website intent is to educate or to inform.
  • The site’s owner or sponsor is easily identifiable, and contact information is provided.
  • There is no cost for access.

Website may change or disappear without notice, the library is not responsible for the accuracy of websites. The library staff will try to keep links current, and encourage web site visitors to notify the library staff if they find links that no longer work or that no longer follows the web site policy.