Organization Information

Mission Statement

The stated mission of Raymond Library is to assemble, organize, preserve, and make available books and educational materials, especially to children of Montville, and to provide stimulation, education, and recreation toward an enriched personal life.

Library Relationship to its Municipality

The library was built in 1884 as a result of a bequest of $10,000 from Albert C. Raymond. The library was only open for a few hours after the services of the Congregational Church, located next to the library.  An addition was completed in 1969 and opened to the public in 1970.  This addition comprises the adult fiction section and the children’s library.

Raymond Library is a private association and is led by a board of directors. It is the only library in the town of Montville and has recently added more hours to our schedule so that an additional story hour could be offered.

Description of Community Served

Montville is a growing community.  The population, as of 2006, is 19,846.  The town was incorporated in 1786 from the town of New London and covers 42 square miles.  Montville is governed under a Town Charter with the Town Council/Mayor form of government. Montville is primarily a suburban residential community that has experienced significant growth, as the Mohegan Sun Casino is located here.  The casino has had an impact on the local schools, as well as the library.  There are three elementary schools, one middle school, one public high school, one private high school, one alternative high school and one prep school located in the town.  The median income, as of 2000, is $55,086 and the average age of the population is 36.61.  The services the town provides include the Senior Center, Adult Education, Youth Services, four fire departments and a police department.